Self watering African Violet Pots



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1. Mini sized ceramic self-watering African violet pots:  These miniature African violet pots are ideal for your miniature African violets.  Planters measure 3 inches across and 1 1/2 inches deep. $8.95    
2. Standard ceramic self- watering African violet pots:  7 inches across, 4 inches tall.  Insert is 6 inches across and  2 3/4 inches deep. (These African violet pots
are ideal  for those plants just starting out.) $12.95                           
3. Large ceramic self- watering African violet pots:  9 inches across, 5 inches tall.    Insert is 7 inches across and 3 1/2 inches deep.   (These African violet pots
are for those mature plants that need a little more room to grow.)  $17.95

How we measure our African violet pots:

Outside measurements (helps to determine where you will place your African violet pots, i.e., window sill, shelf, table, etc).  When we say 7" across and 4" tall,  these are the outside dimensions,  and are measured from the holes, tip to tip (Figure 1) and the standing measurement, 4" is measured from the bottom of the African violet pot to the top with insert.  (see Figure 2) Figure #3 shows the overall measurement of our top insert. 


Measurement 1.gif (49821 bytes)Measurement 2.gif (58976 bytes)Measurement 3.gif (45561 bytes)

The following measurements are of the "usable" portion of the insert (the
unglazed area of the top).
  This is where your plant and soil goes.

Miniature size African violet pots:  1-1/2" deep, 2" across.

Standard size African violet pots:  1-3/4" deep, 3-3/4" across.

Large size African violet pots: 2-1/2" deep, 4-1/2" across.


Handy Dog Using A RulerHope these measurements help in your selection.  Jim and Martha